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Pornstars Punishment 5

EAN / UPC: 856559003326

You'll Never Get Anything Out of Me, Just My Asshole

Lisa has been apprehended & is being held captive! The Detective brings in his most notorious Interrogation Officer. He always gets the best IN-tell, even if it means getting his cock dirty in the deepest, darkest places!


A politician sends a "character assassin" to Phoenix's house to film her sucking and fucking him. He cums on her face and forces her to read a statement admitting that she is nothing but a slut bag who will do anything for attention.

The Slutty Life

Bree goes to James's house to film an episode of her show, The Slutty Life. At first, James is very accommodating. After a while, James can't take it anymore, and arranges to give Bree a parting gift: an intense session of Pornstar Punishment.

You Destroyed My Family, I Destroy Your Ass

James's ex-wife left him for another woman. Needless to say James and ex-wife's girlfriend do not get along in the least. He really has had enough of her bullshit and decided to give this carpet muncher bitch something she hasn't had in a long time... a good dick bruising!

Cumming Straight from the Underground

Diana is an undercover FBI agent looking to take Nacho down. Nacho is furious that the girl he loved is the one who set him up. So now he's going to dish out the appropriate punishment.

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